Heat Basketball is a full service organization committed to helping student athletes grow both athletically and academically so that they cam be successful in every facet in life.



1) Communication you should expect from your childs Coach
1. Philosophy of the Coach
2. Expectations the Coach has for all team members
3. Individual role for the team during the season
4. Locations and times of all practices,games and tournaments
5. Team requirements, special equipment,off season equipment
6. Procedure should your child be injured during participation

Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches

1. The treatment of your child, mentally and or physically
2. Ways to help your child improve
3. Concerns about your childs behavior
4. How your child can help the team success

 Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches

1. Playing time
2. Team strategy
3. Play calling
4. Other student athletes

NOTE: There are situations that may require a conference between the coach and the parent . It is important that both parties involved have a clear understanding of the others position. If and when these conferences are necessary. The following procedure should be followed to help promote a resolution to the issue of concern.

 If you have a concern to discuss with the Coach. The following procedures should be followed:

1. First the student athlete must bring the issue to the coaches attention.
2. If the issue needs further attention, contact the Coach to get a clarification or to set up a meeting
3. Please do not attempt to confront a coach before or after a contest or practice.

 What can a parent do if the meeting with the Coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution?

1. Contact the Director at 702-688-2358 to set up an appointment with the Director to discuss concerns.
2. At this meeting the appropriate next step can be determined.
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We partner with organizations with the same quality reputation and commitment to encourage healthy, active lifestyles and building self-esteem in children. For over 15 years, the Heat has brought our partners brands directly to young student athletes and their families the Las Vegas marketplace.

We believe community-based marketing that touches families offers results far beyond traditional media. With three year-round locations, summer camps in over 10 communities, customized promotional and experiential events, and our relationship with our corporate partners reaches children, families and communities beyond the physical structure of our academies.

Partnership opportunities include:

° Anti-obesity Fitness Movement
° Multicultural Initiatives
° Customized Clinics
° Branding
° Promotions
° League & Tournament Sponsorships
° Corporate Events

Benefits of Sponsoring Our Program Include:

° Increased Product Awareness
° Improved Corporate Brand Image
° Diverse Advertising Campaign
° Promotional Displays at Events
° Personal Endorsement by Athletes, Coaches, Board Members
° Tax Deduction !!

Ways to Support the Club:

° Sponsor the club
° Donate financial resources to become an official team or event Sponsor
° Offer our team members a discount on merchandise & services
° Donate products & services to the club to be raffled off at our events
° Donate products or services for a tournament

Customizing partnerships to meet the strategic marketing needs of your company, we are dedicated to building a relationship through quality activation and ultimate market exposure. We invite your company to become involved with this unique grass-roots program. Together, our brands, will impact thousands of youth and connect with families through Las Vegas. Join Our Team!

For more information about our partnership marketing and advertising opportunities. Please, contact our Director. We welcome your suggestions and thoughts opportunities on sponsorship:

" Player Development is Our Passion & Our Purpose "


Heat Basketball has an open invitation for teams to join our club and benefit from being a part of an established program. Whether your are a coach with only a few players looking for a team or a coach looking for a good organization to join. Teams that would like to be apart of our club can contact Demetrius Porter 702-772-2269 to discuss potential arrangement options. If you are student athlete in search of a team and an opportunity to join Heat contact Wesley Reed 702-688-2358 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Team Objectives Include

° Enhancing each student athletes individual skill level
° Increasing each student athletes understanding of the game & overall Basketball I Q
° Developing Leadership Skills, confidence, work ethic, & teamwork, on & off the court
° Competing with intensity pride & passion at the highest level possible while striving for competitive excellence
° Encouraging each student athlete to maintain high academic & moral standards
° Expanding Each student athletes knowledge & Love for the Game
° Heightening each student athletes community awareness
° Creating unforgettable memories, lifelong experiences, & lifetime friendships, as we assist each student athlete in pursuit of their academic & athletic goals which ultimately include academic & athletic scholarships

LEVELS (Ages & Grades)

17U - Seniors 2015
17U - Juniors 2016
16U - Sophomores 2017
15U - Freshman 2018
14U - 8th Grade 2019
13U - 7th Grade 2020
12U - 6th Grade 2021
11U - 5th Grade 2022
10U - 4th Grade 2023
9U - 3rd Grade 2024