Player Development

Instruction & development are revenue sources in the basketball business  

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SIDEBANNERIf you're preparing for a Travel Team or School Tryout, or if your looking to gain that extra performance edge for your upcoming season. Now, its time to go One-on-One with Private Lessons from a Heat Skills Academy Coach.  Our Coaches come with years of high school and collegiate coaching experience with the knowledge to take your game to the next level to become a game changer! In order to maintain the professional standards we insist upon.  Coaches will be required to participate in an annual process of certification.  Our mandatory certification process ensures that our entire staff is well prepared in the newest coaching techniques, strategies, theories, and methodologies, of instruction. The following items will be included in this process.




All Academy Personnel Will: 

°  Adhere to our Coaches Code of Conduct 

°  Attend coaching seminars and workshops,

°  Become Certified in CPR & First Aid 

°  Participate in Background Checks and Drug Testing.


Reccomended Ages: 6 & older 

Shooting Lessons              $25.00

Sunday Skill Sessions       $35.00

Individual Skills Training     $45.00

 $45.00/ Per Hour

  • Prepay (2) Sessions   $80.00
  • Prepay (4) Sessions   $150.00
  • Prepay (6) Sessions   $200.00
  • Prepay (8) Sessions   $300.00
  • Prepay (10) Sessions $350.00
  • Prepay (12) Sessions $450.00
  • Prepay (16) Sessions $600.00
  • Prepay (20) Sessions $750.00
  • Prepay (24) Sessions $900.00


Group Training 

2-3 Players :  $40/ hour

4-6 Players :  $35/hour

7-8 Players :  $30/hour

9+    Players : $25/hour


Fundamental & Skill Development

 Shooting Fundamentals 

°Shooting Form & Mechanics

°Footwork & Foot Position 


°Hand Placement & Position

°Target Alignment & Focus

°Follow Thru, Release, & Rotation

°Confidence, Accuracy, & Range 



 °Layups, Freethrows

° Triple Threat, Inside Pivot, Balance

° Shooting off the pass

°Shooting off the dribble

°Shooting Coming off Screens

°Shot Fake Mid-Range Game

°Pullup Jump Shot 

°Step back jump shot


Ball Handling 

°One-Ball Drills

°Two-Ball Drills

° Attacking the basket

°Handling pressure


Offensive & Defensive Skills

°Reading the Defense & Improve Basketball IQ

°Reading & Using Screens

°Passing ,Ball Handling & Shooting

°Mental Toughness

°Decision Making, Composure, Handling Pressure & Double Teams

°1 on 1 moves, Create Your Own Shots,Create More Scoring Opportunities & Efficiency

°Score More Points, Become a Better Scorer & Get to the Foul Line

°Read & React, Break Down & Beat Defenders

°Finishing Techniques,Drawing Fouls & Drawing Contact

°Position Workouts Point Guard,Guard Skills & Post Play

°Postmoves & Footwork

°Game situations, Time & Score, Pick & Roll

°Defensive Drills Footwork, Stance, Close Outs, Help & Recover, Position Defense

°Individual & Team Defensive Concepts