Heat Basketball is a full service organization committed to helping student athletes grow both athletically and academically so that they cam be successful in every facet in life.

About Program

H13unnamedeat AAU Basketball is a boys & girls basketball organization

Each student athlete will pay a $300 Registration Fee to the club upon making a team at the last day of tryouts.  This covers, AAU card, registration fee into the Local AAU qualifying tournament, equipment and administrative costs.  (Please add $100 if the player needs a uniform) The tournament cost each student athlete will incur for their season ranges from $300-$500 and is based on the number of tournaments the team plays in & how many out of town trips taken.  All student athletes will share tournament costs equally.  All coaches and administrators are volunteers and are NOT paid.  Heat AAU Basketball will field teams at the following age groups 2nd through 12th grade.  Heat will also field a second team at all age groups when possible. 


About Staff

The Heat staff and instructors are chosen selectively for their knowledge of the game and their ability to communicate the game to young student athletes. Our coaches have had college and or professional experience and most importantly, they have been intensely trained in our innovative, comprehensive performance training techniques. Heat staffers exhibit high energy, a positive attitude and are passionate about the game of basketball. They are responsive to our clients needs and committed to helping each student athlete achieve their basketball objectives, and desired goals!

We have fields teams ranging in age from 8-18 years old in the spring & summer season.  The purpose of Heat AAU Basketball is to provide opportunities for student athletes to develop their life and basketball skills while playing at a competitive level.  When teams are selected they are registered with the National AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) organization.  The Coach of each team is given the flexibility to make his/her own schedules based on team objectives for the season.  The younger teams (8-12) generally play 30-50 games with the season lasting til mid- June & July.  The older age groups (13-17) will play 40-60 games beginning in March and possibly lasting til August.