Heat Basketball Club


Steps to Finalize Member Registration

1.  Each parent must complete either the Online Member Registration, or Heat Registration Form.


2.  The following documents must be completed in entirety, signed and either submitted to the Director, mailed to 10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy Suite #110-101 Las Vegas,Nv 89141 or scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ? 

      °  Copies of Current Year Proof of your current grade level, (report card,progress report, or school schedule) & a copy of your birth record, Birth Certificate. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT ATHLETES MUST PROVIDE (1) UNOFFICIAL & (2) OFFICIAL COPIES OF YOUR TRANSCRIPTS. 

       °    Commitment Form

       °    Player Code of Conduct 

       °    Parent Code of Conduct

       °    Media Consent Form

       °    Risk & Liability Form 


3.  Make your payments Payable to Heat Basketball.  Submit your payments to the Heat Director (Only), Online, or Mail to the P. O. Box above.  I understand that all fees are Non-Refundable.  If I do not sign the Refund Policy, I understand that Refunds will not be issued regardless of whether im in compliance or not.  Whether, i complied, signed, or did not sign the commitment document and refund policy.  Uniform refunds will not be issued once you order is submitted with number personalization, & customization.  All other non-tangible items are non-refundable as described in our refund policy.